Remote Asset Management

Driving business enterprises and keeping pace with falling markets as the world continues to grapple with the aftereffects of a pandemic hasn’t been easy. The global economic recession that sprung out as a result of the novel Coronavirus pandemic has hard-hit financial markets, including stock, bond, and commodity (gold and crude oil) markets affecting the revenue systems and production units as a whole.

The effects of a pandemic have also drastically slowed down the momentum in busy environments like construction sites, manufacturing units, office spaces, roads, walkways, and crowded markets due to restrictions in mobility and contact. With lockdown norms and social distancing being a necessity, businesses are today being compelled to lay out strategies to implement remote working solutions for their staff. Industrial experts at Cavli commented on how several enterprise needs evolved during the onset of COVID-19.

It is of vital importance today to integrate and streamline digital infrastructure at several stages of public health and other sectors with prominence given to epidemic forecasting and decision making. The resultant setbacks of a pandemic are indeed opening the window towards building the foundation for a digital future where technology can be used to save lives and ensure the continuity of businesses and life.

Remote Asset Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) that remained to be a buzzword until a few years ago is today, offering mainstream solutions for revolutionizing day-to-day work and living conditions amidst the pandemic. Testing times such as now have resurfaced reasons why it’s better late than never to adopt IoT into your business and projects. The role of IoT has transformed the way humans interact with devices/machines, simplifying every aspect of our lives. As a result, IoT, which was formerly a luxury, has now changed into a necessity. Cavli envisions that the Internet of Things will be a key aspect in overcoming the challenges set forth by the pandemic and also define the way forward.

Remote Monitoring revolutionizing Asset Management

Propelling the journey towards a contactless future

Remote Asset Management is simply the collective set of Asset tracking solutions. In this era of technology, we are equipped with smart sensors, gateways, and cloud platforms that elevate the whole idea of Asset management to a new level.

Remote Asset Management

Adopting automation and real-time monitoring solutions can ensure that operations are running smoothly and effectively. Industries such as Healthcare, Supply chain & logistics, Production & Manufacturing units, Inventory, and Agriculture can greatly benefit from the same. Real-time monitoring of business activities can offer remote field visibility, save the enterprise a lot of time and human effort, without affecting the quality of operations.

Remote monitoring with IoT-enabled sensors facilitates automatic alerts and response mechanisms and overall operations supervision from any location. Remote tracking is another remote application of IoT, which allows the user to exercise control over the freight's physical aspects and environmental conditions.

Routine inspections and maintenance are an integral part of any industry that primarily deals with large and medium assets. It ensures the safety of workplaces and machines, in general. Today, the pandemic scare has led many asset-focused industries to set up remote monitoring applications/systems that can negate human intervention in routine tasks.

Use Cases / Business Applications that are getting extra attention since the break of the pandemic

Fleet management

With steady logistics and supply chain disruptions occurring worldwide, remote fleet management solutions are gaining wide popularity. Fleet management covers remote tracking of the fleet, remote diagnostics, and the alleviation of risk factors.

Remote Asset Management

Production monitoring

IoT can revolutionize the ease of managing operations by enabling automated control over large scale production while keeping a check on quality standards. Any anomalies or inefficiencies are remotely tended to in a connected factory, where the production process is monitored in real-time.

Remote Asset Management

Smart retail

IoT can equip industries to make intelligent decisions based on the customer data fed into the systems. This decision-making involves predictions based on customer behavior and preferences, better-rounded interactions, and the building of a lasting relationship. Smart sensors designed to keep up with the customers assist the retailers in providing a more satisfying and memorable shopping experience.

Remote Asset Management

Smart Grid & Utility

Utility companies are going through struggling times, with high operational costs and reduced revenue inflows. IoT can revolutionize Utility grid operations by incorporating cloud-based applications to optimize energy distribution, utilization, and management.

Remote Asset Management

Smart healthcare

Smart healthcare in the form of remote diagnosis and remote patient monitoring of medical equipment like defibrillators and oxygen pumps can be particularly useful in avoiding hospitals' clogging during these troubled times. Healthcare providers are rapidly increasing their reliance on smart technology, as IoT backed medical instruments are highly precise and user friendly.

Remote Asset Management

So what are the benefits of integrating Remote Monitoring into your current systems?

Remote Asset Management

Saves time

Remote monitoring solutions are capable of collecting data in real-time, remotely, or both. Such data can be used to forecast maintenance issues in machines or devices. This helps reduce the time to respond, analyze, and remediate issues pertaining to assets.

Remote Asset Management

Improved operational efficiency

The use of IoT-enabled sensors and cameras can offer high-end remote monitoring services providing users with remote visibility of their assets. Such services assembled in industrial environments can help detect faults at pumps or values reducing machine downtime.

Remote Asset Management

Fill Skill Gap

Advanced Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions can help fill the skills gap that end-users may face when they fall short of qualified personnel during the pandemic. Many forward-looking enterprises are already investing in onboarding IoT solutions to their work settings.

Smart Connectivity enabled seamlessly for your remote asset management solutions with C42GM

Introducing Cavli’s C42GM Smart Cellular Module as a solution for remote monitoring IoT applications


Powering smart solutions that offer remote tracking and monitoring capabilities would require a robust range of connectivity solutions. Among the family of Cavli’s C-Series IoT modules is a globally deployable C42GM IoT module encompassed with LTE CAT M1/NB1/NB2 technology.

The C42GM smart cellular module is based on 3GPP Release 14 and comes with an integrated eSIM and GNSS capability. This smart module from Cavli has a healthy battery life profile of ten years due to Deep Sleep Mode capability.

The integrated eSIM, coupled with Cavli Hubble Global Connectivity, ensures the modules can be deployed across the globe, making it an ideal solution for logistics, automotive, vehicle tracking systems, and more. The global deployability of the C42GM module allows you to power your remote solutions anywhere, anytime seamlessly. This smart cellular module can be your solution to monitor IoT applications remotely in this pandemic struck period.

Learn more about the LTE-M1/NB1/NB2 C42GM IoT Module. Order your EVK kits.

Cavli’s Enterprise-grade IoT Connectivity Management Platform - Cavli Hubble

Cavli Hubble IoT Platform dashboard

Cavli Hubble is our global IoT connectivity management platform with Device and Data Subscription Management capability, enabling businesses and industries to build and deploy easily scalable, reliable, and secure global wireless IoT solutions. The principal objective of Cavli Hubble is to give control over millions of connected devices with ease. Our platform is refined, feature-rich, and simple to use. Our Hubble platform enables users to have global deployments using local data connectivity. It allows consumption and usage monitoring for the users and gives Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) Updates. Cavli Hubble Stack Intelligence undertakes remote diagnosis and monitors various device functioning parameters, and comes with back door access to the modules to run AT Commands.


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