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IoT modules

C-Series line of Smart Modules

cavli iot modules

Cavli's portfolio of IoT modules primarily comprises our range of eSIM integrated cellular connectivity modules. We also have a selected range of connected compute modules which are microcontroller-based edge hardware with integrated connectivity making it suitable for rapid prototyping & product development for IoT projects that require a quick turnaround time.

C-Series line of smart modules primarily come in 3 form factors - module, modem & Mini PCI for narrowband & wideband use cases.

Product Portfolio

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Global connectivity

Hubble integrated eSIM technology

Global Connectivity

With Hubble integrated eSIM technology, IoT product makers now get access to LPWAN & Broadband IoT connectivity at local data rates in over 60+ countries around the globe. Take away the hassle of interacting with multiple network providers to get your IoT solution up & running in different geographies.

Cavli directly works with telecom network operators around the world to bring the power of seamless IoT connectivity enablement to our business customers. Check out our global coverage page to check if our network footprint covers the countries/regions you wish to explore.

Product Portfolio

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Modem cloud

IoT Connectivity & Modem management platform

Device Cloud

Cavli Hubble is our proprietary Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) cloud platform for global cellular data subscription management and life cycle management of smart modules Deployed on the ground.

The customer experience around Cavli Hubble is designed such that IoT product developers are equipped to move from the prototype phase to mass production and be ready for global deployments in the least possible time.

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