5G RedCap also known as 5G Reduced Capability is designed to cater to IoT applications that do not require the full capabilities of 5G technology. 5G RedCap provides reduced 5G capabilities to power mid-tier IoT applications.

5G RedCap offers data speeds similar to LTE Cat 4 but with improved latency. 5G RedCap technology represents a significant advancement beyond traditional 4G LTE networks, paving the way to swift migration into the 5G networks.

5G RedCap technology is utilized in AR and VR applications, such as retail shopping and gaming. It is also crucial for autonomous cars, e-mobility, and telehealth applications that require real-time responsiveness. With its seamless connectivity and real-time tracking capabilities, 5G RedCap modules are used in asset tracking and logistics. 5G RedCap technology is employed in smart agriculture and smart city initiatives, transforming traditional solutions into smart solutions.

The Future is Here: Unlock Cutting-Edge Connectivity with Proven 5G Modules

Cavli Wireless brings 5G RedCap modules that cater to even the most demanding solutions. The 5G RedCap modules are powered with Qualcomm baseband chipsets and deliver in-built GNSS capabilities. Our 5G modules are eSIM integrated and support 4G fallback, ensuring seamless connectivity for your IoT solution. With our Hubble connectivity platform, it is now easier to manage 5G cellular IoT modules effectively from a single interface. Cavli Wireless helps you build 5G IoT applications, offering unparalleled performance in diverse markets and unlocking the vast potential of 5G technology.

5G RedCap IoT Module


Highlights and Advantages of C-Series 5G RedCap IoT Module

Tamper proof IoT deployment

4G Fallback

The 4G fallback feature in the CQM220 5G Module ensures a seamless switching to a 4G network when a 5G network is unavailable providing continuous connectivity for the user at any remote location. CQM220 also supports peak data rates up to  DL  226Mbps and 4G peak speeds of DL 195Mbps & UL 105 Mbps.

Network access enabled for LPWAN

Integrated GNSS Support

The integrated GNSS in CQM220 allows precise location tracking using the Qualcomm Location Suite Gen 9 (L1+L5) constellation suite for GPS/ GLONASS/ BeiDou/ Galileo QZSS. It ensures OEMs can reduce the bill of materials and design IoT applications with a small form factor.

Data Partnerships with regional telecom operators

Frequency Bands

The CQM220 module supports a wide range of 5G frequency bands from n2/4/5/12/13/25/66/7 ensuring broad geographic coverage and for IoT deployments that operate across different geographical regions.

Network access enabled for LPWAN

Form factor and Packaging

The CQM220 is available in standard LGA, mPCIe, and M.2 form factors. This ensures compatibility and interchangeability across different modules enabling seamless integration.

Data Partnerships with regional telecom operators

Protocols and Peripherals Supported

CQM220 support internet protocols like TCP(S), HTTP(S), MQTT(S), FTP(S), SNMP(S) WS(S), and UDP to enable any internet-based solution. It also supports the following USB and UART interfaces - UART x4, USB 2.0 x1, PCM 2 x1,I2C 2 x1, SPI 2 x1, I2S x9, Main ANT x1 and GNSS ANT x1.

Tamper proof IoT deployment

Hubble Connectivity Platform

CQM220 with Hubble Connectivity platform offers a centralized cloud-based interface for module management. It offers comprehensive remote diagnostics, Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates, and troubleshoots issues successfully reducing the downtime.

Go Beyond and Explore

5G RedCap, or Reduced Capability, is a feature within the 5G New Radio (NR) standard designed to address the needs of devices that require moderate data rates, lower complexity, and lower power consumption compared to typical 5G devices. It was developed to bridge the gap between high-performance 5G applications and lower throughput needs, similar to those targeted by LTE Cat 1 and Cat 4, making 5G technology accessible for a broader range of IoT applications.

5G RedCap devices offer reduced 5G capabilities compared to full-featured 5G NR devices. They support lower bandwidths (up to 20 MHz) and low-order modulation (up to 64-QAM). It does not support advanced 5G features like Massive MIMO and beamforming, resulting in simpler device designs that align with less data-intensive IoT applications.

The primary benefits of 5G RedCap for IoT include:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Low power consumption and simpler device hardware of 5G RedCap reduce the costs of IoT deployments.
  • Moderate Throughput: 5G RedCap supports data rates that are sufficient for applications such as HD video surveillance, industrial control, and telematics.
  • Reliable Connectivity: 5G RedCap provides improved network efficiency and better coverage over LTE technologies.

5G RedCap is ideal for applications that need higher data rates than those supported by LTE-M and NB-IoT but less than the high throughput offered by 5G NR. Examples include:

  • Smart wearables with moderate video streaming or data transfer capabilities.
  • Machines and sensors in Industrial IoT transmitting large volumes of operational data.
  • Connected vehicles that need better data throughput and latency than LTE, but not the highest 5G performance.

5G RedCap is designed to be compatible with existing 5G network infrastructures but requires some network elements to be optimized to handle its specific requirements. This includes updates to network software to manage the reduced capability devices and ensure that they coexist efficiently with full-capability 5G devices.

As 5G networks evolve and expand, 5G RedCap is expected to play a crucial role in enabling a wide range of IoT applications. It provides a cost-effective, lower-complexity solution for moderate network speed connectivity. Future advancements focus on enhancing the capabilities of RedCap devices while maintaining their advantages in cost and power efficiency.

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