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Cavli IoT modules are designed with a vision to make IoT product development easier, quicker and scalable. Our portfolio of industrial-grade cellular IoT modules with connectivity and EDGE computing capabilities are integrated with eSIM and preloaded with global connectivity. Our engineers worked hard to ensure that our solution enables IoT product developers to move from the prototype phase to mass production and be ready for global deployments in the lowest possible time.  Now design your IoT product with our solution, scale easily with hassle-free deployment enjoying attractive cellular data rates across the globe.

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C-Series Smart modules are connectivity modules integrated with eSIM, pre-loaded with global LTE connectivity subscriptions. We provide a wide range of options in terms of footprint, power consumption and network capabilities, which makes Cavli Smart Modules an apt choice for any application.

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P-Series modules are connected computing modules that will enable IoT companies to mitigate the existing entry barriers to large scale deployment, and seamlessly carry out product development to global scale-up. The P-Series modules are integrated eSIMs, thereby empowering users to manage both connectivity and compute module functionalities.

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