Cavli Modules

C-series IoT modules

Cavli C-series Modules

Cavli C-Series Smart Modules are connectivity modules with in-built eSIM technology, pre-loaded with global cellular connectivity subscriptions powered by Cavli Hubble. C-Series provides a wide range of options in terms of footprint, power consumption and network capabilities, which makes Cavli Smart Modules an apt choice for any IoT application.

Cavli Device Development Kit

Explore Cavli DDK

The New Enhanced C-Series DDK (Device Development Kit)

The new enhanced C-Series DDK provides users with flexible product development and evaluation options for several use case scenarios with Cavli C-Series Smart Mini PCIe Modules. The DDK provides users with complete OpenCPU access of Cavli Smart Modules with the necessary GPIOs and interfaces for product testing and development.

P-series IoT modules

Cavli P-series Modules

P-Series modules are connected computing modules that will enable IoT companies to mitigate the existing barriers to rapid prototyping which can improve their speed to market. The P32-Series, the first of the P-Series modules to hit the market, is equipped with an MCU tightly coupled to a Cavli C-Series eSIM integrated connectivity module, thereby empowering product makers for rapid prototyping.

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