Must IoT Trends in 2020

Highlights from Must IoT Trends in 2020.

[San Jose, California, July 20] From July 7 to July 9, 2020, Cavli Wireless participated in a digital event, the ‘IoT Trends in 2020’ in a Virtual Exhibition Platform, conducted by Must, an emerging technology business matchmaking platform, operating primarily in Europe. The 3D/VR virtual exhibition platform gave visitors and e-exhibitors access to conference rooms, forums with live events, press conferences, and public chat rooms. At Cavli, we are embracing the new normal by transitioning from the usual ‘exhibitor’ tag to the ‘e-exhibitor’ tag and the virtual event hosted by Must has once again proven online events are here to stay.

The three-day virtual exhibition helped us to explore new ways of interacting with fellow exhibitors and visitors. Cavli was also recognized as one of the Top 10 visited booths in the virtual exhibition.

MUST 2020 Highlights

A view inside Cavli’s virtual booth at Must ‘IoT Trends in 2020’

The virtual event fostered a platform for different stakeholders of the IoT value chain to exhibit their products, services, and innovation. Cavli’s Hubble99 was an eyecatcher for several IoT startups & SMBs, and many inquiries came in regarding its use cases.

Hubble 99

Hubble99 is an ambitious IoT hardware bundle launched globally that completely negates the cost of the connectivity hardware module. It allows IoT solution players to get the eSIM integrated connectivity hardware module of their choice of technology, that is pre-loaded with an IoT data pack, and the robust Connectivity & Device Management cloud platform, all together as one single package.

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