Azure compactable IoT module

Microsoft certifies Cavli P-Series Connected Edge modules for Azure IoT Cloud

[San Jose, California, USA — March 10, 2020 —] Cavli Wireless, Inc., Technology for the connected tomorrow, today announced its collaboration with Microsoft Azure Certified for Internet of Things (IoT), for its P-series line of products. This new collaboration with Microsoft Azure Cloud will allow Cavli’s customers to easily work with Azure Cloud and its services with the P-series line of Smart Compute Modules. Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT gives customers the opportunity to choose the best device for their IoT solution, enabling them to work with a diverse group of connected devices and IoT platforms.

Verified hardware and software enhances interoperability and allow faster time to production.

At Cavli, we believe connecting every object in the physical world to the internet will most seamlessly and efficiently solve the majority of problems, and massively improve the quality of life and productivity. For us, this is the real power of the ‘Internet of Things’. And we aim to be one amongst the top 5 players in the globe to deliver this power to you.

P-Series Connected Compute IoT Modules


P-Series modules are connected compute IoT modules that enables IoT companies to mitigate the existing entry barriers to large scale deployment, and seamlessly carry out product development to global scale-up. P-Series modules with EDGE computing capability, a powerful MCU from Espressif – ESP32 with dual-core processors used to run user applications, offers users with flexible programming consoles such as Arduino IDE and Espressif IDF and global connectivity through integrated eSIMs that allows for the best experience and usability for all solutions.

“Lesser firmware footprint, seamless integration to the user’s Azure IoT account, and top-notch security for IoT devices are the key ways by which an Azure certified P-Series is going to benefit a customer”, said Ajit Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer at Cavli Wireless, Inc.

According to Jerry Lee, Director of Marketing for Azure Internet of Things, Microsoft Corp., “Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT extends our promise to bring IoT to business scale, starting with interoperable solutions from leading technology companies around the world,” said “With trusted offerings and verified partners, Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT accelerates the deployment of IoT even further.”

Implementing your IoT project or solution with the right kind of devices, assets, or sensors can be time-consuming. Customers today are looking for certified devices and platforms through which they can fledge out their IoT projects with assurance and confidence. Our collaboration with Microsoft Azure Certified program for IoT can save our customer’s time and effort on project specs and RFP processes by being one step ahead of what devices and services will work with the Azure IoT Suite.

Learn more about this collaboration at Azure Certified for IoT and explore the Azure IoT Suite today.

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