Cavli Wireless launches Hubble99 – the world’s first truly scalable IoT adoption plan – Cellular is now the most cost-effective way to connect IoT devices to the cloud.

San Jose, California; Cavli Wireless is about to change the face of IoT deployments world over by launching a disruptive IoT adoption plan – the Hubble99 plan. Hubble99 is Cavli’s attempt to unlock the Internet of Things’ real potential and get the sector truly ready for mass adoption.

IoT connectivity enablement is a multi-stakeholder ecosystem that includes connectivity providers/telecom operators, application providers & system integrators. For SMBs, OEMs & Enterprises in IoT, figuring out and activating IoT connectivity has not only been an essential cog in the wheel but a very distorted one, too. For most sensory application products, the cost for connectivity hardware at the edge is a significant component of the total product cost that generally brings up the initial capital investment for IoT enablement. This has affected decisions for scale and has been a significant reason why many IoT SMBs and benefactors of Smart city projects have been cautious about scaling up. There have been projections galore, but not enough on the ground deployments to match it up. Although Ericsson predicted 50 billion devices to be on cellular networks by 2020, only 9 billion devices made its way through.

Cellular IoT is entering the subscription economy age where IoT product & solution makers won’t have to worry about capital costs attached to IoT connectivity enablement. At Cavli Wireless, we’re spearheading this disruption.

Thus, to unlock the real potential of IoT and to get the next 10 billion devices connected, the currently fragmented ecosystem needs to be re-engineered, consolidated & re-imagined from start to end. Cavli’s attempt to solve this problem is the Hubble99 plan. The building blocks of IoT – the Edge connectivity hardware, messaging infrastructure, local IoT network Connectivity, and IoT Protocols, all bundled for an irresistible proposal of $0.99/Device/Month.

Introducing Hubble99

Hubble 99

With the Hubble99 plan, IoT Product makers wouldn’t have to worry about embedded connectivity hardware costs. They would only need to pay for the subscription charge on the Hubble99 plan to avail of the end-to-end IoT connectivity product suite, which includes the highly scalable feature-rich connectivity management platform -Cavli Hubble.

With this all-in-one combo pack, SMBs and startups in IoT can save up to 50% on the initial investment in purchasing separate hardware, connectivity & device management platform, and IoT data plans.

hubble99 features

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With Hubble99, Cavli aims to revolutionize cellular IoT with affordable and robust connectivity options that suit any “smart solutions.” Cavli is confident that Hubble99 will become the most cost-effective and efficient plan for mass IoT deployments, especially for SMBs (small and medium businesses) and startups in IoT.

The last few years have seen a struggle for prominence & dominance among major connectivity technologies that have been grazing the IoT deployment landscape. While LoRaWAN has seen steady growth thanks to the low latency feature and resultant low power consumption, it has stumbled when it comes to the quality of service & data packet delivery. Sigfox though it establishes security layers that are commendable with secure firewalls, has its limitations when it comes to scalability. WiFi over time has found its permanent seat for indoor home & personal automation & wireless access use cases, with Zigbee taking its fair share of indoor applications from WiFi. Wading through this ensemble, Cellular IoT began its ascent with the advent of Cellular LPWAN – NB IoT & LTE-M sealing away service gaps present for LTE 4G in terms of enabling low power, low latency, full coverage applications.

Despite the advantages that Cellular IoT has over its peers like LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Zigbee, and others as the preferred choice for a wide range of industrial & outdoor IoT applications in terms of security and quality of service, it has had its share of jinxes.

Cellular IoT has had its critics go back and forth on questions around its actual scalability. Theoretically, it can be a non-steered connectivity option. Yet, the real challenge for the IoT solution players has been how they can manage the hassle of liaising with multiple telecom operators for the regions they wish to deploy their projects. So far, from how the market has evolved, it is safe to assume that this has not been a smooth ride for the countless IoT product & solution companies trying to expand beyond home turf. The other jinx that has pulled back Cellular IoT has been the hassle of the initial cost of associated connectivity hardware, including smart modules and SIM solutions. A real-life analogy would be Team-Cellular IoT competing in a 400m relay race fielding Security, Quality of service, Scalability & Cost-effectiveness as the runners in that order. It will definitely ace the first two laps, could struggle through a little, and be ahead on the third lap, but lose steam during the final lap and ruin what could have been a definite victory. Cost-effectiveness has so far been a tag that has eluded Cellular IoT.

With Cavli Wireless, Cellular IoT sheds the shackles that have held it back as it enters a new age. As an IoT Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) innovator, Cavli Wireless designs and manufactures industrial-grade eSIM integrated smart modules preloaded with local cellular IoT connectivity, with centralized subscription & device management facilitated through the heart of Cavli’s product suite, the uber scalable cloud-based interface – Cavli Hubble. This platform connects to telecom operators worldwide to ensure that IoT OEMs have a single window to access data plans which can be activated through the Hubble eSIMs and thereby seamlessly scale their solutions across geographies. With the launch of Hubble99, which bundles the entire build blocks of IoT – the connectivity, hardware, data plan & connectivity management for $0.99/month/device, Cellular IoT is finally set to ace the last lap of cost-effectiveness and truly enter a golden age of adoption.


John Mathew
Co-founder & CEO
Cavli Wireless

As John Mathew, Co-founder & CEO of Cavli Wireless opines, “just like food & fuel, connectivity has also become an essential commodity that will determine how we live, work & play. At Cavli Wireless, we believe that connecting every object in the physical world to the internet will most seamlessly and efficiently solve a wide variety of problems and massively improve quality of life and human productivity. This is the true power of the ‘Internet of Things,’ and we aim to be among the top 5 players on the globe to deliver this power to IoT businesses around the world”.

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