The ready-to-use P-Series IoT modules by Cavli Wireless integrated with the RUN mXTEND embedded antenna by Fractus allows IoT product makers to quickly go-to-market for large-scale IoT deployments

San Jose, California; September 17, 2020 Cavli Wireless and Fractus Antennas are coming together to make every IoT product maker's dream come true with a design collaboration that integrates Cavli's P-Series family of Edge computing IoT Modules with embedded Virtual Antenna™. Both Cavli & Fractus believe that the IoT wireless product development process can be significantly optimized if designers get a compact and ready to use solution - a pre-matched module-antenna combo.

The P-Series IoT modules are connected computing modules that will enable IoT companies to mitigate the existing entry barriers to large-scale deployment, and seamlessly carry out product development to global scale-up. All the P-Series IoT modules integrate the RUN mXTEND™ antenna booster to reduce design time and accelerate the ideas into real products. The P32 Series board from Cavli can connect to major LPWAN networks like NB-IoT and LTE-CAT-M depending on the configuration of the integrated connectivity hardware.


Cavli's P-Series module, integrated with the embedded RUN mXTEND antenna from Fractus can be used for multiple use cases such as Smart Street Lighting solution, Smart Parking solution, Smart Logistics to name a few.

About Cavli Wireless

Cavli Wireless is a technology enablement company that aims to democratize the Internet of Things sector with our Software-Hardware product suite that includes a proprietary connectivity & device management platform, smart IoT modules, and eSIM solutions. We directly work with telecom operators around the world to facilitate local data connectivity thereby ensuring that any IoT product maker or enterprise in any industry, be it logistics, smart agriculture, industrial IoT, smart city applications can easily launch, build and scale their IoT solutions to any geography in the world in the most seamless manner possible. We believe that connecting every object in the physical world to the internet will most seamlessly and efficiently solve a wide variety of problems and massively improve the quality of life and human productivity. For us, this is the true power of the ‘Internet of Things’. And we aim to be the top player in the globe to deliver this power to you.

About Fractus Antennas

Barcelona-based Fractus Antennas SL designs manufacture and commercialize miniature, off-the-shelf antennas for IoT, mobile connectivity, and short-range wireless devices. Founded as an independent antenna product business in 2015, Fractus Antennas was born out of the main Fractus operation and combines a respected R&D team with proven manufacturing capabilities and scale to bring to market a new generation of antenna products to meet the mobile and wireless connectivity needs of OEMs.

Download an Application note to discover how Cavli & Fractus come together to make life easy for IoT product makers

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