IoT Applications in Smart City

Building smarter, commutable & safer cities

World Cities are now witnessing an exponential demand for seamless access to public infrastructure, facilities and schemes. With digital - media and the world wide web opening up the possibilities of a truly connected digitally-enabled future to the public, city planners and designers even in developing nations are aggressively laying out plans for future cities that are sustainable, healthy and safe to work, commute and live.

The Internet of Things is at the epicenter of this paradigm shift and Cavli aims to be the effective orchestrator in the middle who can enable smart city makers with an efficient, responsive and improved suite of operational capabilities and decision-making abilities.

Why Cavli for Smart Cities ?

Greener cities & low carbon footprint

Greener cities & low carbon footprint

Cavli’s solution stack can enable smart city architects to optimize consumption, distribution & utilization of critical utilities like energy, fuel and water which has a significant direct impact on carbon footprint reductions.

Improved quality of life

Improved quality of life

Cavli enables OEMs and System Integrators to easily add layers of interoperability and intelligence to the management of transport, emergency services, waste management and public amenities, thereby dramatically improving the quality of life.

Proactive City Planning

Proactive City Planning

Millions of data points translate to Insights on traffic congestion, water clogging, and crime rates, allowing city planners to bring down the anomalies. Cavli is already working with smart solution makers, working towards this vision.


  1. Smart Homes and Buildings

  2. Smart Parking Systems

  3. Smart Utility Metering

  4. Smart Streetlights

  5. Air Quality Monitoring

  6. Smart Waste Management

  7. Connected Emergency Services

  8. Ride/Fleet Sharing Services

  9. Video Surveillance and Monitoring

  10. Smart Grids

  11. New Content

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