Optimizing Farm to Market Supply Chain with scalable IoT

Smart Farms of today are enabled with sensor-based control systems both basic & sophisticated, to manage everything from pumps to heavy machinery and irrigation channels to indoor climate control systems for storage facilities.

IoT-enabled livestock management provides farmers with real-time vital signs of their livestock -blood pressure, heart rate, and other vitals. The livestock can be tagged and geo-fenced to track their real-time location to optimize grazing patterns. Agriculturists now are savvier than ever to improve and optimize food production and are ready to use all the help they can. Cavli, with our solutions in smart connectivity enablement, is working with different stakeholders in the Agriculture IoT value chain, to ensure they get to build reliable and scalable digital systems that can easily retrofit into existing traditional systems without adoption bottlenecks or cost overruns.

Why Cavli for Smart Agriculture ?

Early anomaly detection

Early anomaly detection

Sensor-based crop anomaly detection systems can detect threats like insect attacks at the very initial stage and protect the yield until they are mature for harvest.

Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring

Monitor the vitals of livestock and geo-fence them with non-intrusive collar/ear tags.

Precision Farming

Precision Farming

Automate farm processes like irrigation and manuring through precision farming with the use of smart sensors and analytics.


  1. Outdoor Weather Monitoring

  2. Crop and Food Produce Anomaly Detection

  3. Cattle & Livestock Monitoring

  4. Smart Greenhouse

  5. Precision Irrigation

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