Functional Unit: Sales Operations

Role: Senior Field Application Engineer

Seniority level: Senior level

Work Experience: 5-7 Years

Location: Pune & Bangalore , India

Job Description

To bolster our product management and support functions, we are on the lookout for candidates with strong technical and managerial skills. The selected candidate will play a pivotal role in directing all aspects of our support operations and product documentation for Cavli’s hardware line of products .

  1. Assisting in managing the company products and other details of sales and service requests for providing the same to the customers for technical support.

  2. Analysing technological problems in installed application systems, checking its technical resolution and working condition, and fixing the same if required.

  3. Collaborating with sales team, engineers, and product managers for obtaining accurate information of application usage, system operations, and product management.

  4. Preparing technical elements of proposal, formulating the intricacies involved in defining the technical solution guidelines for sales team support.

  5. Troubleshooting system applications on customer's request, resolving other engineering issues regarding systems application, conducting regular follow up on customer's activities, and monitoring the same for obtaining new sales opportunities.

  6. Preparing relevant records, data, and documents for product presentations, conducting training sessions for demonstrating new products and services, and supporting the sales team in organizing the presentation and training of product demonstration.

  7. Coordinating with the sales and marketing team, systems application team, and other executive designers for designing proper application system, and formulating the product specification as per the customer's needs.

  8. Monitoring and managing the preamp devices for systems application and implementing innovative ways to optimize the use of wireless network for effective communication.

  9. Coordinating with the project management team for overall analysis of health care applications and home energy procedures for system installation.

  10. Providing capacitive resolution for all the installed application and assisting customers in maintaining the engineering applications efficiently.

  11. Evaluating the customer's requirement regarding systems application and administering the technical, technological, and functional aspects of proposals accordingly as instructed.

  12. Assisting the application engineering manager for performing the desired tests and installation procedures, preparing detailed schedule regarding the project specification, conducting research on market trends in field application, and analyzing the emerging trends for recommending the new application engineering products.

  13. Participating in different seminars, conferences, and meetings for promoting the devised application engineering products, evaluating the performance and credibility of systems application, along with developing and optimizing the color codes specific for the particular design.

  14. Providing technical training of consumer specific application of various application engineering products in developing stage to the branch personnels for adequate management of the same.

    Required technical expertise include

  1. Prior experience in product support roles with good debugging, troubleshooting skills and coordination skills.

  2. Solid understanding of telecommunications systems.

  3. Strong technical knowledge and inclination towards embedded electronics.

  4. 2-3 years of managerial experience.

  5. Knowledge of technical writing conventions.

    Minimum/Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in electronics & communications engineering or computer science engineering or electronics & instrumentation engineering.

  2. Postgraduate degree in management or prior experience in managerial roles.

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