Functional Unit: HR Operations

Role: Manager HR Ops

Seniority level: Senior level

Work Experience: 8-9 Years

Location: Kochi

Job Description

We at Cavli Wireless are looking for an ambitious HR Operations Manager to oversee all functions and provide support to our employees across departments. As an HR Operations Manager, you should be able to Support Departmental heads for recruitment & team building initiatives and oversee all hiring-related activities. Another key deliverable will be assisting the CEO's office in setting up organization-wide Performance management systems. Your responsibilities also include overseeing and managing all operations of our HR department and providing support to the employees.

  1. Executing organization-wide hiring & onboarding processes for incoming talent.

  2. Work alongside the CEO's office to define expansion plans for the Human Resources department.

  3. Help define, document and enforce company-wide policies for talent management.

  4. Support the CEO's office & CFO to define Human Resources requirements and hiring budgets.

  5. Define & roll out periodical HR Analytics reports as required.

  6. Help define internal HR software systems/tools and manage rollout by working closely with the CEO's office.

  7. Resolving all employee-related issues and queries.

  8. Defining, revising & managing Employee benefits programs.

  9. Analyzing and monitoring HR performance metrics and KPIs.

    Required technical expertise include

  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  2. Exceptional team management and organizational skills.

  3. Hands-on experience in Recruitment pipeline management and Performance Management systems.

    Minimum/Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, or related field.

  2. Prior work experience as an HR Operations Manager or a similar role in the Human Resources department will be beneficial for the candidate.

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