Corporate Unit: Technology Operations

Functional Unit: Research and Development

Role: Back-End Engineer

Seniority level: Junior

Job Description

We are looking for competent, self driven and passionate developers to be a part of our core engineering team. Our ideal candidate is an excellent problem solver and has exceptional coding skills.

The candidate is expected to have hands-on experience building and deploying web applications in the cloud, with a strong preference for experience with the design and creation of a configuration-driven platform that can support multiple distinct customer implementations from a unified code-base.

Experience in Node.js, micro services, and APIs is required.

  1. Write and maintain scalable/reusable codes.

  2. Translating customer and business needs into scalable architecture and components that can serve millions of users every day.

  3. Establishing engineering tools and processes for feature tracking, bug tracking, build, release, test management, and support.

  4. Being involved in all aspects of software development.

  5. Create and own a high-performance and responsive API system which may be accessed from any interface - web, mobile or automated systems.

  6. Defining, creating and maintaining parts of the database system.

  7. Develop and architecture for security, scalability of users, data and ensure future maintainability of the product.

    Required technical expertise include

  1. Experience in working with schema-free/flexible databases using NoSQL technologies like MongoDB.

  2. Possess a solid debugging process and exhibit technical intuition.

  3. Experience in Node JS and its framework/libraries like Express.

  4. Good understanding of REST APIs and its security techniques.

  5. Build tools like Docker.

  6. Ability to build a feature from scratch & drive it to completion.

    Minimum/Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Master's degree in Management with undergraduate degree preferably Electronics & Communications, IT/Computer Science Engineering.

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