IoT or the Internet of Things is where automation begins, where the world becomes wireless yet absolutely connected.

The data that is being generated by millions of nodes (devices) getting added to the cloud every year is setting the base for the next technology revolution - the advent & percolation of Artificial Intelligence across sectors. Yet IoT in its current state is complex, fragmented and still far away from the number of nodes that were expected to get connected to the cloud.

Cavli was born when a group of industry professionals aligned on the simple idea that IoT should be made simple, seamless, and global. A collective pursuit to break the barriers of connectivity, enabling every object in the physical world to be managed from anywhere, is now an organization spread over multiple geographies solving the puzzle that is cellular IoT.

At Cavli, we bring our expertise & insights gained from over 10+ years in the wireless and telecommunications industry and, now the Cavli team has grown to become a community of motivated and curious professionals – Embedded Engineers, Software Developers, Sales Professionals, Marketers, Designers, and Industry Experts. Together, we aim to be at the forefront of innovation and deliver the best IoT solutions for our customers.

Why Cavli?

In the next five years, Cavli foresees that the Internet of Things will have a transformative impact on every single industry across a multitude of use cases all around the world. We believe our product-market mix is set to enable thousands of product & solution makers trying to leverage IoT to enhance their product & customer experience.

We do this by consolidating the value chain, keeping our system agile and ensuring our innovation is always future-proof.

Value chain consolidation

Value chain consolidation

The value chain for Cellular IoT deployment is fragmented with considerable time, effort & cost for product development. With Cavli, it has become an all-in-one solution for building an end-to-end IoT network, thereby shrinking the value chain and bringing in price competitiveness.

Agile research & development

Agile research & development

Our R&D efforts are not focused on a hardware-centric business model. Our hardware is a means to an end, which is to become an end-to-end enabler. We study the market changes and gear up to meet the client’s expectations. This is what has helped us break through the clutter.

Future-proof innovation

Future-proof innovation

Cavli’s Go-to-market strategy brings together expertise from three different verticals of Telecom technology, Embedded design and Software Application technology to forge our next-generation solutions that are future proof, hard to replicate and effective for mass adoption.

Before Cavli

After Cavli

Cellular IoT is a fragmented space with a value chain that is complex and multi-disciplinary with incumbents and newer players traversing the stakeholder map with products and solutions catering to different stages in the value chain. Nevertheless to say integration and deployment timelines and costs are not easy to manage in such a scenario.



Time, effort & cost to find individual Connectivity vendors for multiple regions. Scout for vendors with eUICC or eSIM capability.

Connectivity Modules

Connectivity Modules

Prospect multiple module vendors with or without capability to support eSIM functionalities. Figure out computing capability separately with additional R&D costs.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Prospect multiple connectivity & device management vendors to either license or develop their own platforms which need additional deep technology expertise to control and manage Smart Modules & SIM connections.

By adding a layer of intelligence with analytics and life-cycle management to each of the building blocks of the Cellular IoT value chain, our Software-Hardware product suite includes - a ‘Connectivity as a Service’ platform, smart Cellular modules and eSIM solutions thereby ensuring that our clients can easily launch, build and scale future proof IoT solutions to any geography in the world in the most seamless manner possible.


Smart connectivity modules with integrated eSIMs


Smart compute modules with integrated eSIM and pre-matched antenna

Hubble eSIM solutions

Get your IoT devices connected anywhere, anytime at local data rates

Cavli Hubble

Cavli’s enterprise-ready IoT connectivity management cloud platform.

Global distributed Supply Chain

In our constant pursuit of excellence, we get to partner with the best in the industry to ensure our customers benefit from the collective forward strides that Cavli and our technology partners are taking.

Our Mission

We believe that connecting every object in the physical world to the internet will most seamlessly and efficiently solve the majority of problems, and massively improve life quality and productivity. For us, this is the true power of the ‘Internet of Things’. And we aim to be one amongst the top 5 players in the globe to deliver this power to you.

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