Cavli resource launch

Off lately our team has been hard at work on building a library of high-quality, informative, and insightful resources that can assist you in navigating the world of IoT through our lens and accelerate your IoT enablement journey. This news update aims to introduce you, the reader, to the various lineups we have to meet that very goal. The lineup includes:

The Cavli Resources, a carefully curated library of documents that include Cavli products and solution guides , Cavli Advantage Series, our long-form blogs called the Whole Note Series and mini-blog publications called the Nerdiest of Things .

Cavli’s Product and Solution guides provide a detailed product portfolio that includes key technical specifications, product evaluation best practices along with use case scenarios.

The Cavli Advantage Series is Cavli’s label for the line of downloadable resources that aims to demystify the world of IoT with a range of primers, factsheets, guides, ebooks, use case notes, and infographics.

Cavli's Whole Note Series is a collection of long-form blogs that include Thought Leadership discussions wherein our team of industry experts and professionals share their perspectives, opinions, & primers on how industries are being disrupted whereas Nerdiest of Things is a mini blog series that decodes the world of the IoT & Smart Connectivity by deep diving into a focused spectrum of technical terms and topics relevant to the field.

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Another important update is that,Cavli Wireless will be exhibiting at the Embedded World 2022 event in Nuremberg, Germany. Meet Cavli at Booth no: 5-362 at Hall no: 5, where you can explore our industrial-grade Smart Cellular IoT modules, Cavli's connectivity and module management platform- Cavli Hubble, and Cavli's flagship IoT bundle plan, "Hubble 99".

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