MWC 2022

Cavli Wireless will be attending the MWC 2022 in Barcelona, the global industry-leading event of the year, which will take place from February 28th to 3rd March 2022.

MWC, a global gathering for the telecommunication & allied products - services sectors, is all set to host over 1,500 exhibitors and attendees from over 165 countries for its flagship Barcelona edition.

The prestigious event will be held over four days and will feature presentations and exhibitions from a diverse group of experts, innovators, speakers, and industry representatives from different parts of the world.

Meet team Cavli at MWC 2022 to learn how more than 75+ OEMs spread across 40+ use cases are leveraging the Cavli technology stack to go to market in less than 3 months while achieving savings of up to 47% compared to existing IoT enablement solutions in the market.

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