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Are you an OEM, struggling with lack of Intelligence & data regarding your equipment/machine performance at customer location ?

Build, Connect & Scale IoT for your Machines

Build, Connect & Scale IoT for your
Machines Equipments Devices Solutions

with Cavli's end to end IoT enablement solution stack that consists of network loaded smart modules & Connectivity management platform solution

sHubble connectivity
World's 1st

The first commercially available eSIM integrated network access enabled IoT module for the global IoT market.

World's only

The only IoT enabler technology stack that bundles hardware to a subscription model to accelerate IoT adoption.


Recognized as one among the top 10 emerging IoT companies globally by IoTAnalytics, a leading market research & intelligence agency in semiconductors & IoT.

Smart IoT modules Integrated eSIM technology Pre-loaded Network Access

Ready to deploy end to end IoT enablement product suite

Cavli IoT Smart Modules are connectivity modules with in-built eSIM technology, pre-loaded with global cellular connectivity subscriptions powered by Cavli Hubble. C-Series provides a wide range of options in terms of footprint, power consumption and network capabilities, which makes Cavli Smart Modules an apt choice for any IoT application.

IoT Modules
Cat 1
Cat 4

*Cavli Smart modules support the above mentioned cellular network technologies with dual mode support as well fall back options

IoT connectivity management Remote Diagnostics Modem Intelligence

The world's most robust IoT connectivity management platform is here

From Network Access to Data subscription to Device management, experience the power of the seamless IoT connectivity enablement.

IoT Platform
Device orchestration and monitoring

Device orchestration & monitoring

Automatic profile switching capability

Automatic profile switching capability

Firmware over the air

Firmware over the air

Cavli Hubble stack intelligence

Cavli Hubble stack intelligence

Consumption monitoring and usage notifications

Data usage & monitoring notifications

IoT billing

IoT data subscription management

Web service API

Web service API

*Highlight modules/features of the Cavli Hubble platform










Cavli Hubble

Cavli has established direct network partnerships with all major regional telecos across the globe to ensure a robust footprint for IoT connectivity - both for wideband as well narrowband networks

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