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LPWAN IoT hardware
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Cavli Solution

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Cavli Hubble is our global connectivity management platform with Device and Data management capability, enabling businesses and industries to build and deploy easily scalable, reliable and secure global wireless IoT solutions. The key objective of Cavli Hubble is to give control over millions of connected devices with ease. Our platform is refined, feature-rich and simple to use.

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Device Orchestration and Monitoring

Quick and easy onboarding of devices. Create a custom data plan and connect to a local network.

Automatic profile switching capability

Intelligent automatic local profile switching capability across boundaries. Hassle-free local connectivity and no roaming frees.

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Firmware over-the-air (FOTA)

Secure onboarding, provisioning, over-the-air updates and life-cycle management with best-in-class security to mitigate device vulnerabilities

Cavli Hubble Stack Intelligence

Independent decision making with Cavli Hubble Stack intelligence, in other words, reduced downtime with lesser manual intervention

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GSMA SGP.02 Version 3.2 SAS certified remote subscription management platform ensures secure onboarding, provisioning, and over-the-air updates. Trusted TLS security communication ensures device and data trust. Integration with our Platform Security Architecture (PSA) ensures security from the device to the data and throughout the journey

IoT Billing

Device life cycle billing management capability from the time of subscription to deactivation

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Consumption monitoring and usage notifications

Monitor consumption across the entire pool of devices deployed worldwide and alert users when SIM reaches usage limits

Web service API

Cavli Hubble provides HTTP-based RESTful APIsfor integrating the device management services into IT systems and streamline operations

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