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The unexpected outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic resulted in an aggressive shift from conventional or, somewhat outdated ways to the new normal ways in every aspect of our lives. Industrial IoT experts at Cavli clubbed thoughts on how business enterprise needs were set to rise amidst the pandemic in 2020 and how IoT will set its roots during this sudden turn towards a digital transformation . Although physically disconnected from work environments, IoT solutions can enable you to be remotely connected to workstations and carry out business operations virtually. This led several industries to give up on what was once done manually and adopt automation, remote access, and management. While the Internet of Things (IoT) discovered smarter ways to connect and remotely interact with people, office locations, patients, health workers, pharmacies, warehouses, factories, manufacturing units, grocery stores, cold chain trucks, etc., the urgency of deploying smart solutions on a global level is now at its highest.

Getting devices smart connected is an essential need for any IoT device/product maker. While there are tons of network technologies (licensed and unlicensed) that offer a connectivity solution, Cellular network technologies stand most promising in today’s era of smart connected things. Factors such as an already-in-place infrastructure, reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) spendings, easy-to-use communication protocol, and a plug-and-play nature of cellular networks made adding IoT connectivity at any remote location easy and hassle-free.

Today, well-known cellular technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, and the latest 5G have over 5 Bn unique subscribers who rely on their mobile technology for daily life, work & play. Also, to cater specifically to the Low Power Wide Area demands of a rising number of IoT devices, NB-IoT (Narrow Band IoT), and LTE-M (Long Term Evolution of Machines) cellular technologies are widely gaining popularity amongst IoT players.

Cellular Technologies

IoT applications such as remote monitoring and asset tracking are becoming of vital importance in the current days to seamlessly carry out day-to-day business activities across industries. Thus, the need to improve the infrastructure and platform via which IoT solutions power such applications are required to be more flexible, seamless, easy to use, cost-efficient, and adaptive to quickly changing needs of the business. The ability to go-to-market in the least possible time is also of importance.

What does this mean for the IoT product maker?

The current recession in the global economy is however likely to pose challenging situations for the IoT product/solution maker. With limited revenue flow due to poor sales amidst an untimely economic crisis, IoT OEMs and SMBs are expected to face difficulty in meeting capital expenses to streamline their IoT projects. At the same time, the task of having to interact with different stakeholders for the purpose of maintaining ample cellular connectivity requirements will persist to be a challenge as well.

The ability to scale a particular IoT product or solution in different geographies with assured user network, service provider latency, power services, with respect to local IoT connectivity is a crucial requirement. But obtaining such services are expected to be a highly expensive option for IoT OEMs and SMBs given the current economic crisis in place.

With the pressing need for a decline in CAPEX (Capital Expense) being on the rise, a subscription-based IoT model for cellular connectivity can smartly allow SMBs and startups to use their initial OPEX with reduced cost in sustaining connectivity for their IoT devices.

Being an IoT product/solution maker, you would ideally want to achieve

Global deployments of your smart solution

An Opex-based Business Model

A faster way to market your product

A subscription-based IoT connectivity model can handhold the IoT product companies to resume their production with the Hubble99 plan

Any IoT product or solution requires the integration of three basic pillars, which are the building blocks of any IoT solution. They are namely, the hardware, the connectivity, and the IoT platform.

Cavli Wireless realized that the current Cellular IoT ecosystem was quite a fragmented space with a value chain that was complex and multi-disciplinary with incumbents and new players traversing the stakeholder map with products and solutions catering to different stages in the value chain. Nevertheless to say integration and deployment timelines and costs are not easy to manage in such a scenario.

Having understood this gap, led to the origin of Cavli Wireless. Based on our range of Cellular IoT hardware modules, Cavli offers the IoT industry's broadest portfolio of products and solutions. Our unmatched IoT expertise and developer resources allow us to enable a full suite, end-to-end connectivity platform to provide the Technology for the Connected Tomorrow. Cavli’s IoT enabling solutions adds a layer of intelligence with analytics and life-cycle management to each of the building blocks of Cellular IoT value chain - eSIM integrated Cellular IoT modules, a 'Connectivity as a Service' platform, and Connectivity provisions thanks to our multiple partnerships with global telecom operators. This ensures that for any IoT product maker - the product journey can be Seamless, Secure, Scalable & Cost-effective, making Cavli the true partner to finally design and launch an IoT product.

Cavli’s disruptive plan to the IoT market - Hubble99


In June 2020, with an aim to democratize IoT for everyone, Cavli Wireless released the first ever IoT hardware bundle that allows IoT solution providers (SMBs, startups) to completely negate the cost of the connectivity hardware to globally launch their IoT solution. Cavli Wireless launched the Hubble99 Plan – the world’s first subscription based IoT offering with ZERO hardware cost.

What makes Hubble99 unique?

Hubble99 is the most ambitious IoT hardware bundle to be launched globally. For an irresistible package price of $0.99/month/device, IoT solution players get the

  • eSIM integrated connectivity hardware of their choice of technology ( on LPWAN/LTE technologies - NB IoT, LTE-M, Cat 1, Cat 4, 2G,3G)
  • Pre-loaded IoT data subscription (ranging from 5 MB - 30 MB)
  • The robust Connectivity-Device management cloud platform- Cavli Hubble
Cellular Technologies

all bundled into one single package

Cellular Technologies

In 2016, Industry major Ericsson predicted a near future where the LPWAN module will be priced below $5 in the market. With Hubble99, Cavli has brought it down to $0, and this is an industry first, making Hubble99 the unprecedented winner when it comes to the title of the Smartest IoT hardware bundle package. The Hubble99 IoT bundle plan will offer a complete OPEX model of IoT connectivity enablement both at the hardware side and service end.

The Great Savings we are talking about!

IoT connectivity enablement is not easy. Now, developers can considerably bring down the initial cost of IoT deployment with Hubble99.

Negate the cost of embedded connectivity hardware and only pay for Hubble99 subscription

In a span of three years, the total cost of ownership will come down by around 30-40%

By choosing Hubble99 pay only the monthly subscription and get on boarded on a robust connectivity management platform without any cost on the IoT connectivity hardware

Highlights of Hubble99

  • Modem Management

    Allows users to configure and set-up the different services and interfaces used for communication from their IoT devices
  • Remote Diagnostics

    Hubble allows users to remotely diagnose and debug issues with the system or provide updates
  • MQTT Broker Service

    Cavli provides lightweight MQTT broker service for its clients to send messages or data with a subscribe/publish model
  • Subscription Management

    Manage data consumption, recharge additional data and control all aspects of the user's data subscription plan
  • Open API

    Cavli provides developers with open API standards to quickly and effortlessly integrate the Hubble API into the user applications with ease

Traditional Way Vs. Hubble99

A deep-dive study led us to point out several reasons why Hubble99 outweighs traditional methods of IoT deployment. Here is why Hubble99 stands out.

Thus to unlock the real potential of IoT and to get the next 10 billion devices connected, the current fragmented ecosystem needs to be re-engineered, consolidated & thus re-imagined from start to end. Cavli’s attempt to solve THIS problem is Hubble99. The building blocks of IoT - the Edge connectivity hardware, messaging infrastructure, local IoT network Connectivity and IoT Protocols, all bundled for an irresistible proposal of $0.99/Device/Month. With the Hubble99 plan, IoT Product makers are no longer burdened by the cost of embedded connectivity hardware and would only need to pay for the subscription charge on the Hubble99 plan, to avail the end to end IoT connectivity product suite, that includes the highly scalable feature rich connectivity management platform -Cavli Hubble.

With this all-in-one combo pack, SMBs and startups in IoT can save upto 50% on the initial investment on purchasing separate hardware, connectivity & device management platform and IoT data plans.

Are you an IoT product/solution maker wanting to hit go-to-market with your product at the earliest possible date, cost-effectively?

Talk to Cavli's solution experts to get on boarded into Hubble99.


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